A good deal is a
secure deal

There’s no need to keep your fingers crossed. Credable allows you to both check your customers’ creditworthiness and insure your deals. That way, you can be confident you’ll get paid.

See how it works

Know your customer

Do you know how likely your customer is to pay your invoices? With a free credit rating from Credable, you can trade with confidence.

Better safe than sorry

Don’t miss out on a good deal just because you're uncertain of your customer’s ability to pay. With Credable’s credit insurance, you know the invoice will be paid – if not by your customer then by us.

Instant credit check

Review a company’s creditworthiness before doing business. It’s free and easy to use.

Invoice insurance for you

Big or small, we insure all. Choose your payment terms, invoice amount and how fast you want to get paid.

Payment guaranteed

If your customer doesn’t pay your invoice, file a claim online and get paid within 90 days. For a small fee you can get the money even earlier.

Pain free collection

We don’t only take over the painful process of collecting on your unpaid invoices, we do it in a pain free and respectful way so your customer continues to respect you too!

A credible service

Credable is powered by Euler Hermes – the world’s leading provider of Trade Credit Insurance.

Let’s start with the Nordics

We are going to start with insuring your customers in the Nordics, and after that the whole world. Just like our mother company.

Try Credable and secure your deals

With Credable, it's easy to do business without taking unnecessary risks. You should try it!